Brett Jackson, Real Estate Broker

Pledge Of Service

My job is to be honest with my clients about the reasons some houses sell and others do not. When I do my job, my client’s home will seem to sell itself and the potential homebuyer will be anxious to buy my client’s home.

My job is to give sound and honest advice on potential objections that buyers are likely to use as reasons not to buy.  I will suggest and list effective ways to overcome objections before they become a problem. Doing my job right saves my clients money, time and headaches.

My job is to be truthful, accurate and honest when selecting and providing information on market activity for pricing.  My job is to know the market from experience and with a thorough examination of current market data. I will use only the best market data that can be found.

My job is to execute all contract documents properly, neatly and expeditiously.  Time and accuracy are critical when dealing with contracts.

My job is to follow closely on the progress of the buyer’s inspections, appraisals, loan processing and closing.  My job is to sweat the details so my client will not have to.

My job is to provide a real service to my clients.  I will not just list their home and hope it sells.  I will not just list my client’s home and hand it off to someone else.

My job is to relieve my client of all worries so they can concentrate on their families, lives and jobs.

When I do my job right, my clients will recommend me to their friends and families. This is my mission.

My goal will never be to be the highest volume agent in Central Kentucky, just the best.